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Live Class

Expert UX Faculty who have taught 1000+ UX students in Live Workshops

Our UX Faculty come with deep expertise in training & teaching UX & UI Fundamentals to new students and along with our mentorship team we make sure you’re provided the best guideance.

Kritika Dhuly

Lead UX Faculty

Kritika has 3+ years of experience in Teaching UX, as a UX Faculty she has taught 1000+ students.
Chanasya Arora

UX Faculty

Chanasya Arora is UX faculty in an reputed college. She has 3+ years exp Graphic Design & Teaching.
Poornima Kapoor

Guest Faculty, Lead Experience Designer

Poornima is a Lead Experience Designer at Airtel, she takes Guest lecturers pursuing her passion.

Meet our mentors

Our Mentors are UX & UI professionals working in the industry and have experience of learning, doing projects, finding a Job and can help you in your Capstone projects, interview preparation & more...

Mohammed Jamil Nasir

Founder, Consultant & Designer

Saud Ali

Senior UX Designer

Amrita Parmar

Senior Web & UX Designer

Avinash K

UX/UI Designer

Live UX/UI class

What makes us unique?

Our program is highly practical, flexible enough to fit into your schedule. detailed with live classes to keep you on top of the concepts. Mentorship, Projects & Design systems & materials to get you started.

Expert educators

Our UX Faculty are expert educators & know how to teach UX Design to new students.

Live mentorship

Our mentors are working in the industry and know how UX Design projects are delivered.

Capstone Projects

The Capstone projects help you to get going and create a Portfolio for yourself.


Post completion of the modules and portfolio review with Faculty & mentors you’ll be certified.

Design System

We will aid you with Design Systems and collaborating on pojects with defined guidelines.

Supportive Community

You’ll be part of the UX-o-vert community of fellow UX Designers to support each other.


What you’ll learn from this course?

Our curriculum is designed by experts to give a comprehensive base of UX Design fundamentals and to widen your Genre with UX Design, Research & UI Design or prototyping.

Course overview:
  • 12+ hours of action-packed video contnet (80+ videos)
  • Live Interactive Training Sessions and step-by-step walkthroughs
  • 3 Capstone Projects, with mentorship and guidance for Job ready portfolio
  • Maintain and use a design system to get you off to a flying start
  • Experienced Mentors & Faculty
  • Advance Figma Techniques
  • Prototyping and animations.
  • Learn advanced responsive UI design techniques.


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  • Module 1 - Introductions & UX Fundamentals

    Introduction to User Experience, Definition and concept, Evolution of UX, UX around us, UX Trends, Emerging Technologies AR VR AI IOT, Misconception about UX Profiles in the UX industry, 5 D process.

  • Module 2 - 5 Day UX Process & Heuristic Evaluation

    5 D process for a great User Experience, Competitor Analysis, Case Study OLX , NETFLIX, DUNZO Introduction & Definition 10 Laws of Heuristic Evaluation, Case Study - Google pay, Uber.

  • Module 3 - Introduction to Visual Design 1 & 2

    What is Photoshop? Examples of UI What is Illustrator? What are Vector Images, What are Raster Images, Difference between Vector & Raster Images, Shapes and Images Icons/Graphics/Illustration, Figma overview. What are elements of design? 8 elements of Design, What are principles of design? Gestalt Principles.

  • Module 4 - User Research- 1 & 2

    Definition and Concept, Benefits of User Research, Elements of User Research, User Research Process, User Research Methodologies, User Interviews. User Interview Questionnaire, user interviews Analyse findings, Create a Persona & an Empathy Map, Value proposition canvas, Customer Journey.

  • Module 5 - Advance User Experience

    What are Personas? How to create Personas, Benefits of Persona (Who uses persona), What is Scenario? How to create Scenario, Importance of Scenario, What is a Storyboard? How do we create Storyboard? Importance of Storyboard. What is Customer Journey Mapping? Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping Components of a Customer Journey map. Introduction to Task Flow, Hierarchical and Linear methods, Introduction to User Flow Task Flow Vs User Flow, Example of Task Flow Analysis. What is Information Architecture? What are IA Patterns - L.A.T.C.H Open and Closed Card Sorting.

  • Module 6 - Wireframing and Prototyping -1 & 2

    What is a Wireframe? Why should I use wireframes?, How to use wireframes, Different types of wireframes Digital & Non-Digital methods, Low & High fidelity wireframes, Intro to UI design patterns, Responsive Design, Make paper wireframes & digitalise them Creating digital wireframes using information architecture, What is Prototyping?, Methods of Prototyping Paper prototyping workshop,Prototyping the digital wireframes on Figma.

  • Module 7 - Visual Design Advance

    What is a grid? Components of grids, Understanding typography, Typography for web & mobile, Introduction to color.

  • Module 8 - Capstone Projects 1, 2 & 3

    Definition and Concept Working on IOS and Android, Iconography and Typography, Working with specifications & assets.

  • Module 9 - Industry Session & Mentorship

    Placement Requirements + Industry Requirements, Industry's work and process.

  • Module 10 - Usability Testing

    What is Usability? Online Usability Testing, Introduction to Eye Tracking, Planning, Recruiting Participants, Writing Task, Introduction to Heat Maps, Facilitating Collecting data, Analysis, Reporting

  • Module 11 - Figma - 1 & 2

    Create Music App in Figma, Auto-layout, Frames, Prototyping techniques, Smart Animate, Use of Components & definitions

  • Congatulations! 🎉

    Jury + Portfolio Evaluation


Become a certified UX UI designer

Post successful completion of all the lessons, modules and attending the live sessions, performing the project activities. Your portfolio will be reviewed by the jury & you’ll a Certificate of appreciation.

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